Thursday, March 10, 2016

February, plus a baby blessing and dentist visit...

Little Kent is getting big! He's such an easy baby. This is him growing up during February:

Tummy time:

Sleeping with Abuelita:

And playing with Grandpa Nelson:

And just hanging out in the onesie Mommy made:

Ellie has been having a lot of fun lately being a big sister and having so much family to visit:

Little boy had his baby blessing a couple of weeks ago. We had Kent's Uncle Keven and Aunt Carol come, and my sister Lauren with her hubby Josh and their baby Zoey, plus Kent's parents who were visiting. He slept through the whole thing, and didn't wake up until the very end of sacrament meeting. :-)

Then today Ellie had her first ever dentist appointment. She was a little apprehensive at first, but there were no tears! The dentist and hygienist pronounced all 20 pearly-whites to be beautiful and healthy.

(Little boy waiting for his big sister at the dentist):


  1. Way too cute! Way too awesome! Way too far away! :-( Wish we were closer but we cherish the time together and Skype on Sundays.

  2. Such a cute little family! I love the picture of him on his tummy. He looks like he is praying! Love you!

  3. Soo adorable! Love the pics. Dang he's soo big already. That was fast.

    Oh, and I love the design of this blog. You all have great taste ;)

  4. Yay! Thanks for the pictures. He's very cute!

  5. Way to go Ellie! Great pearly whites! And both of them behaved like angels. Love them so very much!