Friday, July 26, 2013

Just Some Pictures. All at Home. Nothing Huge.

The above and below are pictures of Ellie hanging out at home:

She has the most beautiful smiles, but apparently doesn't like smiling when the camera's out ... these next couple are some of the closest things I have to one of her all-out smiles:

With Daddy before he has to go to work:

With Aunt Serena & Uncle Andrew. Kent and I had our first ever date out of the house since Ellie was born this last Saturday, and these two troopers watched her for us. They need the practice - November's coming up quick! ;-) This is what we came home to:

Just some more hanging around the house:

Outside the apartment, talking with the neighbors and watching ward members playing volleyball (some people were playing with water balloons too and Ellie and I did get a few rogue drops on us, but the reason her onesie is absolutely soaked has nothing to do with that and everything to do with the fact she's been drooling a lot lately. Early teether, maybe?):

Pioneer Day, just after a walk with some of the other quad moms:

... and today, just because:

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