Thursday, July 11, 2013

Of Patriotic Cribs, Clothes and Car Rides

Last week, we got to celebrate the Fourth of July with family in Circleville, Utah. It had to be a short day, and Provo was a mess to get out of, so we missed the parade on one end of the day and the fireworks on the other end. But we had the town patriotic program and a great lunch and afternoon with family in between. And we got to share the car ride there and back with Aunt Brittany and Uncle Brad, who were very patient with us – but then again, Ellie was pretty good in the car and only fussed for a total of maybe 15 minutes. 

Then when we got home, we celebrated Ellie almost being three months old – and being too long for the bassinet – by setting up the beautiful crib that we had sitting in the storage room (thanks Sarah and Gary!) and put on our star-spangled crib sheets (thanks Mom!) and crib mobile (thanks Mom Nelson!). And in case our front room doesn’t look awesome enough with the dark-stained crib in front, an Americana dust ruffle is forthcoming (also thanks to my mom) to hide the storage space underneath of it. Other than our keyboard (which now sits against the kitchen wall to make room), this is the newest and nicest piece of furniture we own by far. (After four years, now I’m beginning to really feel like a Wymount-er – crib in the front room, with Ellie’s next biggest clothes stuffed underneath; table in the front room; and piano in the kitchen. It sounds weird, but the setup really does work quite well!)

We weren’t very good about photos at Circleville, but here is one picture of her in Circleville with Grandma Dalton, and also some pics taken afterward of Ellie in her Fourth of July outfit in her star-spangled crib. I thought that was fitting, ha!

 And here are some pictures of Ellie during the car ride on the way to Circleville, still in her pajamas.

I am grateful for the founding of this country and the freedoms that God inspired good men to defend for us. And I’m grateful for family to celebrate with! Happy belated Independence Day, everyone!


  1. What fun! What a beautiful family, baby, and crib. She is so adorable.

  2. your little girl is so adorable!!! That 4th of July outfit is so cute! I am glad I ran across your blog on facebook.