Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ellie in the Meantime

(February Catch-up #2 - Stuff Besides Thanksgiving & Christmas)

It amazes me how quickly - and how eagerly - Ellie learns new things about this new world around her. And it amazes me how excited she is when she learns something. And it amazes me how eager she is to love everything and everyone around her.

As of early December, she had learned to scoot backwards, push up to sitting, turn in circles, and pull up to standing on her own, and then finally crawl forward, roughly in that order. She's a little busy bee who loves cruising around the room by holding onto furniture or by crawling (I swear she crawls as fast as I can walk now!). She loves clapping her hands whenever someone says "yay!" or claps their hands, and she loves putting her blanket or dress or fireman's hat over her head and then waiting for someone to say "peekabo!" when she pulls it down again. She also loves shaking her head at me when she's frustrated (I can't imagine where she got a stubborn streak from...).

This is a lazy post - the rest of it is made up of some pictures of Ellie from over the last couple of months. 






The End. Next post(s) will be about Christmas.

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