Thursday, February 13, 2014

Halloween/ Thanksgiving Week

(February Blog Catchup # 1)

I’m playing blog catchup. So here is Halloween and Thanksgiving Week (as in Halloween and Thanksgiving 2013. Yes, 3 months ago.) 

Then my goal is to post one entry on the blog each day over the next couple of days til we’re a little more caught-up. And yes, those posts will finally include at least some of the pictures from Christmas in Chile. 

But to start with, Halloween was fun; I got to dress up my own kid for the first time! This is a landmark, people! Ellie made a pretty cute ladybug, if I do say so myself. 

I think I should explain before these next pictures that Kent was a federal prison inmate for Halloween.

I also should briefly mention my birthday in November. Mostly because I have this cute picture of Ellie with my present from Kent. Girl after Mommy’s heart. :-)

And now for Thanksgiving. My second-favorite holiday, and it starts off the season for my first-favorite holiday. This year, we were lucky enough to be able to spend Thanksgiving with both sides of our family. Kent’s sister Serena gave birth (Thanksgiving Day!) to a beautiful baby boy, Hardison, our fourth nephew. We got the news while we were eating with my family. We had Kent’s parents and his sister Sarah’s family in town to meet the baby and attend his baby blessing. So after enjoying a great Thanksgiving meal with my family, we got Thanksgiving leftovers and pie with Kent’s family. We also got to see Serena and the baby in the hospital. It was a good day! Okay, it was a good week or so – some of these pictures are right before or after Thanksgiving (as you can see from the pictures of the still-very-pregnant-bowling Serena just a couple of days before).



After Thanksgiving, we went to the Children’s Museum and Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. And, Andrew and Serena blessed their baby boy when he was 1 ½ weeks old. 

And for our anniversary (the day after Thanksgiving) – five years! – Kent got me chocolate, a balloon, and my two favorite flowers: roses and Peruvian lilies (alstroemeria).  I kindof forgot our anniversary until the middle of the day. It’s a good thing Kent did too. :-)
It was also a very good day. I’ve loved spending the last five years married to my sweetheart and best friend!

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