Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Christmas in Chile, Part 2

I realize this is very, very late coming. We need to fill in more of the wonderful experience we had (now a few months ago) in Chile with some of Kent's family for Christmas. And it's a long post. Feel free to just browse through pics if that's all you want to do.

Our trip to Chile was amazing! Ellie flew just like an expert - slept or played happily prettymuch the whole way there and back. Those bassinet things that international flights have that plug into the wall in front of you? AMAZING! And can I just say I very much prefer going through security with a baby? It's like they realize you're already stressed and that you don't want to go through every single liquid in your bag. So instead they just swab your hands for explosive residue and wave you through the metal detector.

Ellie and I got to meet (and we all stayed with) Kent's Abuelito and his wife, Tia Cristina. We also got to meet his Aunt Luz Maria and Aunt Paola with her husband Claudio and her two adorable daughters.

Later that first week we also got to meet Tio Claudio - Kent's step-grandfather - and Tio Claudito and his wife and kids - such sweet people; we were treated like kings everywhere we went and met family! We also got to meet Tia Margot, who was Kent's and his sisters' nanny for a while when they were growing up in Japan and his mom was going through some health problems. She - and everyone for that matter - absolutely LOVED Ellie to pieces! The two girls, Tia Paola's daughters, doted over her sometimes like she was a little doll. It was pretty cute to watch.

We got to see and experience some pretty amazing things, including some very very old sites with wonderful history behind them. More details on those sites in another post (no I'm not done raving yet after this one). First though, more pictures and more explanations of time with family. In my last post, I quickly inserted some pictures of Noche Buena - Christmas Eve - with Abuelito and his family. Here are some more:

Last time I also put in a couple of pictures of us at Tia Carmen's little apartment. Like I mentioned in our last post, her remaining time with us here in this world was to be brief at that point. Such a patient lady, to be so sweet and hospitable to us when she was anything but comfortable physically as the last stages of her cancer took over her little frame. Here are some more pictures of us at her place:

Then later we got to celebrate Christmas (again!) with the other side of the family, the Reyes families, who were so good to us. Kent's uncle, Cri-Cri, who has Down Syndrome, was so sweet with Ellie. He just adored her. I feel bad - in my last post I only posted one picture of us there, and only Kent and Ellie were in that picture. I had meant to get more up the next day - so much for that. So here they are now, and there are a lot:

So there you have it. Next post - final one on Chile - will be more about the sites. And it will be shorter. Promise. :-)

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